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Weird things you find in Italy

My dearest Jennie,

I didn’t realize how different basic things that we take for granted back home would be in Italy.


#1: Washing Machines with convenient placements

It is very small and inconveniently placed under the sink. When its washing and you happen to touch the metal hinges on the side, it shocks the crap out of you, which is never fun. We’re not talking about the little static electric shock, this is a real deal shock. Oh and also there is no dryer because apparently they don’t do that here, but its also illegal to hang your clothes outside. That’s pretty fair.

IMG_1219   IMG_0692

#2: Normal showers

There’s nothing like bathtubs with built-in seats/stepping stools (its much steeper than it looks in the picture) and creepy showers that have no walls.


#3: Church bells that ring on the hour

This church is on the corner of my street, and like all the other churches in Italy, it rings the bells at 45 or 50 minutes after the hour


#4: Buying condoms in a store

Having condom dispensers seems much more practical and might even encourage more people to practice safe sex lol. I guess its convenient because they have then built into buildings on main streets. This one is next door to restaurant/bar haha. The US should take some notes


#5: Floating monks

This poor guy looks so miserable, but its common to see this around the tourist areas in Rome.


#6: Street lights on poles

you only see street lights on poles on main streets or the high way here. Most street lights are like this and hover over the center of the street. Totes cool to look at

IMG_0665 IMG_0724

#7: Large, safe vehicles

Even the trucks are tiny here!

IMG_1163 IMG_0556 IMG_0709

#8: Appetizing food display

There’s nothing like a feathery rooster with its head wrapped around its body, frozen baby squid, and a severed pigs head to make you want to sit down and have a nice hearty meal!


#9: Parking for your dogs

These are outside of most buildings because practically everyone has dogs here

Tis all for now, But trust me I’ll be updating you on some more strange things.



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